What is Bata Club program?

Bata Club is a card-less rewards program launch to rewards shoppers on their purchases with Bata.

What are the application requirements for the program?

Bata Club program is open to individuals, residents and non-residents of Malaysia and aged 18 years and above at the time of application.

Can I use Bata Club program at other country?

No. The Bata Club program is limited to Bata Stores in Malaysia and

Is this program available in all Bata stores?

The program is available in all Bata storesand in Malaysia except 1363 Masjid Tanah.

Is there a need for renewal?

No. Application to the program is a 1 time action that entitles you to become a Bata Club member.

Is the Bata Club program applicable to all products?

Yes, the Bata Club program is applicable to both regular priced and sales priced items.

How do I update on any change of my personal particulars?

Please inform the change at Cashier counter of the participating Bata stores in Malaysia or Email to or update at

How do I join?

You may apply for Bata Club membership at participating Bata stores or

Do I have to pay a fee for Bata Club membership?

No, there is no membership fee for Bata Club.

Can I use an overseas registered mobile number to register to become a member?

No. You will need to have a Malaysian mobile number registered to the telcos in Malaysia.

Where can I collect Bata Club points from?

Points can be collected at Bata stores nationwide except 1363 Masjid Tanah and

When can I start collect points?

You can start collect points as soon as you received the SMS / Email confirmation from your first time of registration.

Is there any expiry date to my Bata Club points?

Yes. Your points will expire 12 months after issuance, by the end of the respective month.

Can I keep track of my Bata Club expiry?

Yes. You can check with the staff at the cashier counter at Bata stores or check points balance at

What if I change my mobile number?

You can raise the request of change of the mobile number by visiting any store to raise the request of change of mobile number or email request to

What happens to my points when I return or exchange merchandise I have bought?

Your points on that purchase will remain in your account. If you are paying additional money via card / cash, then points against additional paid amount will be credited into your account.

When and how do I redeem my points?

You can redeem points when you have accumulated a minimum of 150 points for redemption at the stores or At the stores, redemption of Points can be redeemed by informing the staff at the cashier counter who will send a redemption request on your behalf to our server. This will issue a validation code via SMS to you. The SMS containing a unique code will be send to your registered mobile number and you need to show this code to redeem the points. The redemption code will be valid for one time use only after the issuance.

Is there any expiry date to my Bata Club e-voucher?

Yes. E-voucher redemption expiry is 1 month from the date of issuance which includes e-voucher for New Customer Registration, Points Redemption, Birthday.

When is Bata Club program not valid?

Bata Club program is not valid for e-voucher purchases, online purchases and corporate purchases.

Is Bata Club points transferable?

No. Bata Club points cannot be transferred to another mobile number or exchanged for cash.

How many accounts can one person have?

Each person is entitled to one Bata Club program account tag under the person’s mobile phone number. Your mobile number is considered as your unique identification which also uses as member ID.

How can I contact Bata Club?

You can email to or visit participating Bata stores.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your Bata Club membership, by writing in to Once membership is canceled, you will no longer be able to use the Bata Club or enjoy all the benefits and privileges of the programme.


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